Thursday, September 11, 2014

Websites & Apps I Use to Stay Organized

Hey Everyone :)

I wanted to share a couple of great websites and apps that I use to stay organized at school.

1.  Evernote 
I cannot say enough good things about this app & website!   I used to be one of those people who had about a thousand sticky notes all over my desk and wall, and at home, all over my nightstand.  My sticky notes contain to-do lists, info I will need soon, etc.  With Evernote, I pretty much rarely use sticky notes any more!

This makes me happy for 2 reasons: 1. I felt really bad for using all of that paper just to throw it away later when my to-do list was completed.  Totally not sustainable.  2.  This year I am at two different schools, and I would have to carry all of those sticky notes with me.  Not sustainable either!

Another reason Evernote is so great is because I keep a tab open on my browser all day on my work computer next to my email tab.  This way I can add to my to-do lists or delete from them when an item is done quickly.

The final reason I love Evernote is because they have an app!  Anytime I am at home and I remember something I need to add to my school to-do list, I can add it right then and there from my smartphone or iPad!  I used to either text it to my email or write it on my notes app and email it to myself.  This saves time and is way easier!

You can organize Evernote in a lot of great ways.  I have one "notebook" for school lists, and one "notebook" for home lists.  I use this app & website daily!  Want to be more organized easier and go paperless for those to-do lists?  Get Evernote!

2.  PlanBook
I came across Planbook a few years back, but was broke beyond broke and couldn't even afford the $12 per year for the membership.  I ended up creating an Excel Lesson Plan sheet (and a couple of other variations on Excel) that kind of mimic the idea of Planbook.

This year I finally purchased a year subscription to Planbook for $12, and could not be happier! You can create your own customized schedule, type up lesson plans, add in Common Core Standards (from a drop down list!), and assign homework all from the website or app!

The amazing thing about the homework portion is that you can put the link to that class' homework on your website, and whatever you put in your Planbook for homework will show up when the student clicks on it.  No double work for assigning homework!

It also saves your lessons from year to year, and if you are out and have a sub, all you have to do is print the day's plans! :)

Another great thing about Planbook is that they have an app! You can write lesson plans and assign homework from your smartphone or iPad! That rocks!

You can get a 1 month FREE trial of Planbook.  I really liked that even though I purchased it halfway through the trial month, they still gave me the free month- so I didn't lose any of my free month by purchasing it early- I like that :)

Let me know what you think about these websites.  What other websites & apps do you use to stay organized?

:) Ashley