Monday, August 25, 2014

Classroom Job Applications- Online!

I love having Classroom Jobs! They are a great way for students to take responsibility and ownership in the classroom while helping you with tedious tasks that eat up a lot of time.

One of my favorite classroom jobs I have is the Classroom Librarian.  I actually have 3 Librarian Positions.  1 Head Librarian, and 2 Classroom Librarians.  The Head Librarian is the person who helps me check books back in once a week before or after school and shelves them.  The other two librarians help students check out books once a week during class on our library day.

I used to have a paper Job Application form that I would have students fill out, but then I figured out an easier way to do that in a paperless way with Google Docs.  Basically, I created a Form and then embedded it into my website.  They fill out the online form and then the answers are sent directly to me! :) Super easy!

I am sharing the form below so that you can edit it as you need.  Please note that I create a different form for each position.  Each month when students would apply for new jobs, I would just delete all of the old information on the forms spreadsheet and use the same Forms again.

Online Classroom Job Application Form 

Here's what the live version looks like:

If you are old-school (as I sometimes am as well ;) and like the paper version, you can visit my Teachers Pay Teachers store for a FREE copy of the form I used.  

If you'd like an EDITABLE version of the form, you are welcome to purchase it from my Teachers Pay Teachers Store HERE.  :) 

Thanks and have a great week! :) Ashley