My Favorite Websites

Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)
A GREAT website where you can purchase pretty much any type of lesson or unit plan you are looking for!  Definitely a time-saver!  Also, there is a HUMONGOUS free section where you can download any of the free items just by creating a User Id.  SO worth it! One of my favorite sites!

Great discussion boards!  I've found so many great ideas by searching their forums for ideas.  And the great thing is, it's free!  You will have to create a User Id to download any documents other users have posted though.

Tons of great ideas and photos for your classroom posted by other teachers!

A GREAT way to log books you've read and books you want to read.  This is a great tool for older students who hate the idea of a paper book log, but have access to an iPhone or other internet connected device.  I also create book recommendation lists for students on Goodreads and past that link to my class website.  The other great feature is that you can paste a code on your website from Goodreads that will automatically update what new book you are currently reading.  A great way for students to see what you are reading too!

Kevin and Amanda Fonts
FREE scrapbook and handwriting fonts.  I love using them for anything I create for my classroom! Check them out!

FREE fonts!  She has some super cute ones!!

Scholastic Book Wizard
This is a great tool to use if you are going to put Guided Reading Levels on your classroom library books.  It's FREE and it's very easy to use!

neo k12
A website with TONS of videos on TONS of subjects all in one place!  An easy way to find videos to incorporate into your lessons.  Especially helpful if your school doesn't have subscriptions to online video sites like BrainPop or United Streaming (also great sites!).

The 3am Teacher
Tons of free graphics to make your class documents shine a little brighter!

A free photo editing website, very similar to Photoshop (only with less features).  You can even create clip art using this tool!

A free website to create your own screencast tutorials or "online" classes.

Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations
Tons of really great ideas and freebies for your classroom!

Clutter Free Classroom
A blog with great ideas on how to decorate and keep your classroom organized.  Also lots of freebies for your classroom.

Teacher's Notebook
A website similar to Teachers Pay Teachers.  You can find many free items here as well!

The Clever School Teacher
I haven't ordered anything from this site yet, however it looks amazing!  They do all the work for you in finding good trade books for your lessons!  Check 'em out!

I am all about some music in the classroom!  I haven't purchased any of these yet...but I probably will in the near future! :)
A site with common core standards based practice tests for all grades and all levels up to 6th grade!  It is really neat!!! And it is totally FREE and created by a teacher in Iowa (my home state!)  You MUST check it out... and donate if you can. :)

Sublime Speech
Freebies for your classroom! I love the free football game board!

I haven't used this yet-but another teacher recommended it, and it looks AWESOME!  You can create a free storybook online and then it looks like each child gets a FREE paperback version of their book!! How awesome! I can't wait to try it!

Open Clip Art
A FREE clip art resource.  You can use these pieces of clip art with no restrictions!

Mrs. Bainbridge's Class
A teacher with lots of wonderful ideas and free stuff!
FREE short stories with the text online and read aloud with downloadable MP3s- many different stories and genres- awesome!

My Favorite Free Lesson Plan Websites
A great website for ideas and lessons for Gifted students.

Icons of Depth and Complexity (by J Taylor Education)
Change the way you question your students and teach!  I love the Icons of Depth and Complexity!

Illuminations Math
Great math lessons and brain teasers!

North Carolina Gifted Math Resources (Grades 3-5)
A collection of several math lesson plans per grade level geared toward gifted students.
Tons of free reading lessons on any topic for any grade!!!!  (You can also find lessons aligned to the Common Core Standards!)

Guided Reading with Dr. Jan Richardson
SO many FREE things to help you out with Guided Reading! Definitely check it out!

Read Write Think
Amazing collection of lesson plans for teaching reading and writing.

Writing Fix
All kinds of free writing lessons some incorporating mentor texts.

The Creative Apple
An incredible Math resource!  This teacher's got it goin' on! Definitely worth checking out.

Mrs. Vandyke's File Cabinet 
Free lessons, first week ideas and tons of other free stuff!

Tips for Teachers
GREAT site! She has tons of free lesson and organizational ideas- and even a section for new teachers!

Mrs. Snodgrass's Classroom
Resources for all subjects!

The Lesson Plan Diva
Most of her stuff seems to be for younger elementary (around 1st grade) but you could easily use some of the lessons for any grade.  You could also use some of the lessons for students who need remedial help in a specific area.

Empowering Writer's Toolbox
Free writing lessons and Rubrics for the main types of writing!

Websites for Parents
A Parent's Guide to the Common Core
Easy to read PDF guides that tell parents what is being learned in each grade level in Language Arts.  A great parent resource!

Parental Book Reviews
This website has a short review of the book, along with the reviewer's commentary.  It also includes what language is used, violence and other possibly questionable content in brief detail.

Common Sense Media
These book reviews are written by other parents.  There is a short review of the book, and then a checklist of the positive content and possibly questionable content appears next to the review.  You can click below that to find more specific info on the content.  

Story Snoops
This is another book review website that gives you a short summary of the book, but it includes the average reading level and age level the book is targeted towards.  This website also provides you with keywords of main topics or themes in the book.