Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tidy Tubs- Help with Managing Paper Scraps!

I LOVE classroom organization! :)

I am forever searching the Internet to see what other organizational gems I can glean from other teachers. Today I came across something AMAZING!   They are called Tidy Tubs!

Basically, whenever you have students doing a project where they are cutting any kind of paper (like for Interactive Notebooks, projects with magazines, etc), you give each group a tub of some sort that will be used for them to place their scraps in as they are cutting.  This way, they keep their work area from getting cluttered and they are not going back and forth from the two trash cans in your room the entire time.

This is GENIUS!  I've always struggled with how to keep from going insane with the mess during these projects, but now I feel like I have a real solution! :)

Check out the original post on Tidy Tubs HERE from Rowdy in Room 300.  I teach older students and will still use the idea with them, but I probably won't make the baskets as cutesy :) HERE is another great example of the Tidy Tubs from another teacher over at What the Teacher Wants. (ps- her classroom photos are awesome!)

Hope this helps you-all as much as it did me!

Have a great day,
Ashley :)