Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lesson Planning Pages

Hey everyone! :)

Today I thought I'd share a little bit about how I plan my week's lessons.  I talked a little bit about it on this post a while back, but I wanted to share my updated planning templates with you.

I liked the old template I used, however, I feel like the easiest way to plan lessons is to type them out- not handwrite them!  That way, if I ever want to reference a lesson, reuse the same lesson plans, or tweak them, it is very easy to find them on the computer and it is also easy to tweak them to reuse them later if you are typing them out.

I've also found that Excel is a sweet way to create a lesson planning page- it is way easier to create a customized table to put all of your day's lessons in- so much easier than using Microsoft Word for the same task.

Here is the lesson planning page I currently use for teaching 5th grade- keep in mind that we are departmentalized here at my school in 5th grade, so I only teach ELA and Social Studies.  This planning page would be perfect for middle school and high school as well.

Here is the lesson planning page I would use if I were teaching elementary (and not departmentalized)- just so that everything could be typed and fit on one page-- for me, keeping everything on one page is the easiest for planning and for keeping track of my lesson each day and what we accomplished! :)

Creating Lesson Planning Pages on Excel are fairly easy, but if you'd like to take the hassle and time right out of it, you can hop on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and purchase both plans on Excel (fully editable and customizable) for only $3! :) 

If you have any great lesson plan organizational tips, please leave a comment below! 

Thanks and have a great day,
Ashley :)