Friday, August 3, 2012

Absent Students

What do you do when a student is absent from your class?  There are lots of different ways of dealing with this.  Last year, whenever I had a hand out, I would place one on the absent student's desk, and at the end of the day, I would paperclip all of the work together.

That wasn't organized enough for me, so I created a word document that I saved on my computer and would type out any day a student was missing.  This is what it looked like:

(I've uploaded both of the forms onto Google Drive as "Word" forms so that you can save and edit them for your personal use :)

It may sound like a ton of work, but once I had the template created, it was really very simple just to plug in the info for that student.  And if you had two students missing on the same day, I just changed the name at the top of the page and printed another copy.  This way, I had a copy saved in my computer of what the student had to do in case there were any problems with the parents having concerns about what was due.  I also put a line on the bottom of the paper for a parent signature.  The student was responsible for returning this paper with their work so that I knew the parents at least knew what their student's responsibilities were from the days they missed.

After I printed this page out, I would paperclip it to the papers and I would collect any materials that they needed to complete their assignments.

Even though this was an ok system, it wasn't great.  Sometimes papers would get lost or crumpled in their backpacks, or I would accidentally forget to give them one of the things they needed to complete their assignments.

So this year, inspired by the Paper Drop System by Laura Candler, I decided to make a directions/checklist sheet that I will glue on the front of a 9x13 envelope.

(For some reason it wouldn't accept the clip art... so you can download your own clipart for the top of the page.  Also the font I used for the title is called "A Truer Blue" from Kevin and Amanda Fonts.  The other font I used was Century Gothic.)

Then, after gluing this on the envelope, I will laminate the entire envelope to make it more sturdy.  All of their paper, materials and the sheet above will be put into the envelope.  The checklist will show all of the materials needed so that they won't forget any if they are gathering the materials, and so that I won't forget any if I have to gather the materials.  Because the envelope will be laminated, I will use a wet-erase marker to check the supplies on the folder.

I plan on making several so that I will have enough if I have several students out at one time.

How do you handle absent students in your classroom?  Your thoughts & ideas are always appreciated!! :)