Thursday, July 5, 2012

Missing Assignments

Happy Thursday everyone! :)  I hope that you had a wonderful 4th!  

Today I want to tell you about what to do with Missing Assignments.  You know you will have those few students who have chronic problems with missing assignments.  I know I always seem to.  And everything I've tried so far hasn't worked as well as I wanted to.  

Last year my school used a computer-based grade book where you had the option to be able to print missing assignment reports for each student.  I tried to do this each week and send it home in their Friday Folders.  Then, their parent would have to sign it and return the paper, so they would at least know that their child was missing an assignment.  This method was very helpful for some of my students who just forgot or didn't want to finish their assignments.

The only problem with this method is that sometimes I wasn't able to update grades in the computer each week...then it was like 2 weeks before they got the missing assignment report.  Another teacher in our building would look through all of the papers right after they were turned in and then just enter "missing" into the computer so that she could make sure she had her reports up to date each week.  Then she would go back and enter grades at a later date.

I feel confident this year that I will be able to keep up with my grading each week because of the grading plan that I've set up for myself.  Also by using the Paper Drop system, everything will be so much more organized!

Missing Assignment Alerts
This year, because I'm using the Paper Drop system in my classroom, after an assignment is turned in, I will simply be able to look at the back of the envelope and see which students are missing assignments.  I will then call them up and have them take one of my MISSING ASSIGNMENT ALERT notes and have them write their name on my Missing Assignment Alert Clipboard.  They will have to fill in the applicable parts and then take it home to their parents.  Their parents will read it and sign it and the student will return it the next day.  This slip is just a reminder for the student to turn it in by the next day, and it is also a notice to the parents that their child has not turned in an assignment.  That way, the parents know THE DAY the assignment didn't get turned in, and it gives the student an opportunity to finish the assignment and turn it in.

I have them sign my clipboard because the next day I will ask them if they have the slip to give to me.  If they do not have the slip, then I will personally call or email their parents to see if they read the slip and know that their child has a missing assignment.  Please know that this piece of the system is IMPERATIVE.  If you don't receive the slip, you MUST call their parents.  Otherwise students will not take your system seriously and think you are making idle threats about doing things.  It will also help them to not want to have missing assignments and thus makes your job easier! :)

I am also excited about using this system because then I won't have to spend time each Thursday night preparing Missing Assignment Reports!

Below is my clipboard sheet and also my missing assignment alert sheet.

Cary on bravely,