Monday, July 2, 2012


I am a fan of FREE STUFF.  We teachers work hard all the time and spend oodles of our own money on our classroom.  So I love it when someone is willing to share awesome free stuff with the rest of us.  (Honestly that's the main reason I started this share it forward with my fellow colleagues!)

Anywho, down to the FREE STUFF!  The Clutter-Free Classroom's blog will be sharing classroom organization and management tips each weekday during July & August.  And not only that, but they are going to have a FREE download each weekday during July & August as well!  How awesome is that?!?   But, you have to visit their site EACH day... the download will only be free for one day.  After that it will be available for purchase from their TPT store.  

So make sure you check out the Clutter Free Classroom every day in July & August! 

Have a wonderful day!