Thursday, July 26, 2012

Scholastic Book Clubs

*Note:  This post is mainly for New Teachers or teachers who've never used Scholastic Book Clubs before.

I LOVE Scholastic Book Clubs.  I am not paid by them in any way to tell you about their program- I just really love it!

I remember getting Book Orders as a kid.  That was like the most fun thing about school for me.  I've always loved books and reading-- and getting a new book was so much fun!!  The thing I love about Scholastic Book Clubs is that the books they have in their Book Orders are reasonably priced- usually several dollars cheaper (if not more) than buying a book at a bookstore.

The other cool thing is that for each dollar spent by your students (or you), you will get bonus points in your Scholastic Account.  With these bonus points, you can purchase teaching materials, books from the book order for your classroom library, or gift books for your students.

And just so you know (for those of you who have never done a book order before), it is so easy! There are step-by-step directions on Scholastic's site and all you have to do to get started is create a user name and password (just like setting up an email account).  They've also added an "order online" option that you can now use and parents can use their credit cards to order online.

Even if you teach in a school where you don't think that students would buy very many books, honestly, I would order the book orders for myself!  Each book order I spend about $5-$10 and I can purchase books for my Teaching Library that are way less expensive than going to a large bookstore.  The book orders usually have one or two books in each book order that are $1- these make great gifts and sometimes they are great for your Teaching Library.

Last year, Scholastic was giving 25 FREE books to new teachers that sent out scholastic book orders.  They came in 3 installments and they were all GREAT books!   So, just for sending them home and collecting a few orders, you get FREE books!

In my opinion, I think that Book Orders are fun, gives students an opportunity to own literature at a lower cost, and also shows students the different types of books that are available.  (Even if they can't afford to own it, maybe they can find it at the school or local library to rent).   Even the times I couldn't afford books, I still loved to look at the book orders!  (And it also gives them more high-interest reading material!)

Here is the Scholastic Book Clubs Website:  Scholastic Teacher Rewards.  Visit it and sign up today!

P.S.  If you want to get 250 FREE bonus points for yourself (and another teacher already using Scholastic Book Clubs), just print THESE coupons from Scholastic's website!! Totally worth it!

UPDATE: (8-3-12)
Laura Candler has a great post, found HERE, about how to earn oodles of extra bonus points-up to 7,000!!   Check out her free guide HERE.  Definitely worth a read!!

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