Monday, July 9, 2012

Questions to Ask When You are New to a School District

Good afternoon! :)

My last post was about the awesomeness that I got a job! :) I am so excited about it!   However, there are so many things to do and to think of now!

I taught in the same school district for 6 years before, so I knew all of the ins and outs of the district without having to think about it.  So, being new to a school, county & district, I have a TON of questions!  

When I was a brand-new teacher in a new school, I didn't know all of the questions I should ask...and I felt like every single day for the entire first year I was in my school I was constantly asking the office ladies or other teachers a billion questions.  I wish I had known them all to ask before school had would have made my life a whole lot easier!

So, this year, I am going to be prepared and I've already thought of a list of about 100 questions (please don't let this number scare you... most questions are just quick answers) of things that I will need to know before school starts.

I have attached (at the bottom of this post) a copy of my list of questions.  I've tried to organized them into 3 sections:  Questions to Ask the Principal, Questions to Ask the Office Ladies, and Questions to Ask a Mentor Teacher.  This way you are not bombarding one person with 100 questions... and you will get the most accurate info from each person.

It is SO important to find someone to answer your questions BEFORE school starts.  This way you will be prepared and your students will see that you are organized, in charge and you know what's going on.

I know as a new teacher that it can be intimidating to ask your principal and/or mentor teacher questions- but  I am sure they will see it as a good thing- that you are organized and ready to learn how their school runs.  Be bold and confident.  Asking questions will help you to be prepared.

Note:  These may not be all of the questions you will need to ask, this is just a starter list- if you need to, add or remove questions to & from the list where appropriate.

P.S.  I've tried to leave spaces for you to write your answers directly on the pages... hope this helps!   (Also, I would keep the completed question/answer pages somewhere you will remember so you can reference them throughout the year.)