Friday, July 27, 2012

Lost Tooth Envelopes

Happy Friday!! Only a few more Fridays of summer left! I have been busy working on stuff for my classroom and I want to share with you one of my new favorite projects I've created!

I've always had the problem of students loosing teeth in my classroom.  It doesn't happen all of the time, but it occasionally does.  Then I have to send them to the nurse to get an envelope so they can take their tooth home.

I dislike the interruption and the fact that the student is missing out on class time.  What if the nurse is busy and can't see my student for a few minutes?  So this year, I've decided to have some "Lost Tooth" envelopes to keep in my classroom in case this situation arises.  (Now, of course I will let them go to the restroom to rinse out their mouth, etc.) But I will no longer have to send them to the nurse to get something to hold their tooth in!

I searched and searched the internet for a "cool" tooth envelope (due to the fact that my kids are in 5th grade), but couldn't find one.... so I decided to make some of my own! :)  I really dig these and think they are pretty cool!! :)  Plus, they are small, so that the older kids can just slip them in their pocket and not have to worry about carrying something around all day.

I am sharing my lost tooth packets with you today! :)  Just click on the link below to grab the freebie!  I also have posted a tutorial below on how to put them together... you may not need it... I just hate following directions and would rather see pictures! :)  Enjoy!

(for some reason when you view the file in Google Docs, some of the envelopes look messed up... but when you download the PDF, they are fine!  I have no idea why they look messed up on Google Docs!)

Step 1:
Print desired Lost Tooth envelopes & cut out. (Note: Printing the black & white ones on colored paper gives it a little more panache :)

Step 2:
Flip the envelope over and fold all of the tabs toward the back side.

Step 3:
Put one dot of glue on the bottom tab right next to the small right tab (if you are looking at it from the back side).

Step 4:
Fold the small right side tab over the bottom tab and press where you put the dot of glue.

Step 5:  
Put small dots of glue along the bottom and right side tabs. (careful! do not over-glue!)

Step 6:
Press the large left-side tab down onto the dots of glue.   Press and hold for about 20 seconds where all of the glue spots were.

Finished Product: (the picture is poor quality, but it's pretty cool, eh?!)

I left all of the top tabs of the envelopes blank with no graphics so that you or your students could write their name on it in that space.  That way if the envelope gets lost somewhere in the school, they will know who to send it to! :)  P.S. I plan to tape mine shut after they put in their tooth.

For Younger Students:
If you are afraid of your little ones loosing their tooth envelopes, you might want to put in the tooth, tape it shut and then put a hole punch through the top and attach a piece of yarn so that they can wear it as a necklace.  Just make sure they are a student that can handle that and won't get into trouble or hurt themselves (or someone else) with it ;)

Hope you enjoy these!  Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check out Clutter Free Classroom's Flash Freebie tomorrow-- labels for your classroom library baskets, and they look AWESOME!