Friday, June 29, 2012

The Paper Drop System

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Today's post also has to do with grading.  When I taught Middle School specials classes, I just used the tray system.  I didn't have many papers to grade and that worked well for me.  So, I thought I would try the same system out with my 4th graders.  ....Let's just say it didn't work out as I had planned!   Here is what my trays looked like:

Looks decently organized, right?  Yeah... this was on a good day.  I labeled each tray with the name of the subject (using a Sharpie and some masking tape).  The problem with this system was, if students turned in more than one assignment to the tray before I collected it, then I had to sort through several assignments work of papers and divide them into their individual assignment piles before I could even grade them!  This took so much longer... and then sometimes you would find a rogue paper that got turned in later in another assignment pile.

Part of my problem was that I did not have a grading system.  Yesterday's post talked about my plan for this year and grading. Check it out HERE if you missed it.  So the last couple of months I've been searching for a different system that would work better and keep me and the students more organized.

The solution?  Laura Candler's Paper Drop System!   I cannot sing the praises of Laura Candler enough!  She is amazing!  You totally have to check out her website.  Seriously.  Don't wait.  Just do it!  She has so many great ideas and freebies for teachers.  She has also written a number of books and has other things for sale at the TPT website.

Basically, you use 9x12 brown clasp envelopes.  She has a free printable page you will glue on the front and back of the envelopes.  Then you laminate the entire envelope.  You will need to create quite a few envelopes.  (I plan on creating enough envelopes to hold an entire week's worth of assignments for each subject.)

When you collect an assignment, you put all the papers in one envelope, (with a wet-erase marker) write the assignment's name on the front and check off any students who haven't turned in their work on the back of the folder.  Close the envelope with the clasp and keep in a place for grading at a later time. This way ALL of the papers from one assignment are in ONE place.  You will know who turned stuff in late, and who is missing each assignment at a quick glance.  How awesome is that?!? I can't wait to use the Paper Drop System in my classroom!  I know it will help me out so much with my grading and organization.  

The best thing about the Paper Drop System is that it is totally FREE! Woot Woot!  I loves me some free stuff!   Click HERE for a free download of her Paper Drop System.

I also found a really cool idea on Pinterest the other day:

On-the-Go Filing

but it is actually from the Better Homes and Gardens Website.

Here's another version of the same thing:

My Idea:
I am planning on creating one of these to organize my Paper Drop Envelopes.  This way, all of the envelopes will be in one place and will be organized! I think it will work awesome!

How about you?  How do you collect student's papers?  What have you tried that's worked?

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